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  • About

    To the right you see a partial screen shot of our portal's welcome screen. To learn more about LeaderNation and our services click the 360 feedback, Competency Library, and Reports boxes below to see additional screen shots of our site.

  • 360 Feedback

    Using LeaderNation's simple and intuitive web-based system, it is easy to create, deploy, and manage tailored 360 feedback solutions.

  • Competency Library

    Our library is filled with behaviorally-based competencies linked to successful leadership that you can customize to fit your needs.

  • Reports

    LeaderNation reports give detailed feedback from multiple sources on critical behaviors linked to leadership success.


  • Competency library

    LeaderNation provides access to a database of proprietary, behaviorally-based competencies linked to successful leadership that are grounded in research from the fields of adult learning and organizational psychology.

  • Precise feedback slide

    To yield more precise feedback on desired leader behaviors, LeaderNation utilizes a continuous “sliding scale,” which differentiates this service from other providers relying on approximating 5 or 7 point scales.

  • Completely customizable

    To help organizations connect their unique mission to their particular leadership development efforts, this service allows for the creation of original competencies, new questions, and various anchors.

  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback

    LeaderNation reports give both numeric and written feedback to more completely capture leaders’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Flexible feedback options

    LeaderNation is capable of supporting both anonymous and non-anonymous feedback within a single campaign to give you greater control in the feedback process.