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What’s Piqued My Interest - 03.15.10

Amy at In Good Company writes about a talk Nancy Ancowitz gave on Self Promotion for Introverts. One interesting insight is that extroverts tend to interrupt introverts because they view the short silences the introvert takes to gather thoughts as an invitation to jump in and continue the conversation. Being an introvert who gets interrupted more than I would like, this insight is particularly important.

Erin at Authentic Leadership writes about self-awareness and gives several reasons why it is so important, including how awareness allows us to lead with our strengths and empower others, and how awareness leads to continual improvement. Our tool is all about helping leaders gain self-awareness, so I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with Erin when she says: “If you want to be the most effective leader, be sure that you have a keen awareness of your style and how it’s received by others.” One great step to that end would be to contact us here and ask for a free demonstration of our feedback system (shameless self-promotion, I know).

Scott makes it into “What’s Piqued My Interest” for the second week in a row, writing an interesting post on delegation. Delegation is important for a number of reasons: increasing direct reports’ confidence and skills in important areas, creating a climate characterized by participation, and creating buy-in from those further down the organizational chain of command, not to mention freeing up the supervisor’s time for other, potentially more important issues. The question this post raises, however, is how much delegation is too much delegation. Scott ends the post by giving three important considerations when delegating.

If you are offended by bluntness, you should not click through. If you think you will be offended by the advice “shut your face,” you should not click through. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a direct assault on people who complain for perhaps less than good reasons, and a clever use of Dr. Seuss rhymes, you should certainly click through to find out why Jason isn’t surprised your job sucks. This post was hilarious.

Jennifer Miller posts 25 excellent, FREE leadership development resources. You should definitely check this list out. From white papers to blogs to Twitter IDs, you can find some gems in Jennifer’s list. Also I would be remiss if I did not note the very warm email correspondence Jennifer and I had after I left a comment on her post. I hope I can use the follow-through and accessibility she has demonstrated as an example for the way I interact with readers of this blog.

This week at HR Bartender, Sharlyn talked about power. Sharlyn presents ideas based on scholarship and theory in an incredibly accessible manner. The second paragraph starts off with the bolded statement: “Everyone has power,” and Sharlyn encourages her readers to think about what type of power they have and how they use it. This is an excellent exercise and the post is definitely worth the three minutes it will take to read.

A number of the posts from above were found through Dan McCarthy’s Academy Awards Edition on his blog. He gave a rundown of some really excellent blog posts, put them in categories and named a winner for each. I try to do something similar with these “Piqued My Interest” posts, though I don’t think I have yet found the creative flair Dan showed with his Academy Awards post.



What a pleasant surprise! I'm delighted that the 25 Free Resources has piqued your interest. I, too, have enjoyed our ongoing dialog and look forward to more great exchange of leadership theory and practice.

Thanks for dropping by, Jennifer, and thanks for the resources.

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