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What’s Piqued My Interest - 04.05.10

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to get out of writing a blog for LeaderNation, one of the most important things was community. I wanted to join the community of bright people who think seriously about leadership. More broadly I wanted to join a community of people who take time to reflect and write down their thoughts: bloggers. Well, it has only been a month and a half since we officially launched, but already I am starting to feel a sense of community. I feel really lucky to have had interactions with leadership bloggers like Skip Weisman and Jennifer Miller, both of whom have been very warm in their email correspondence. I have enjoyed commenting on other people’s blogs and hearing their responses, like Jason Seiden and Jane Perdue. I have even been lucky enough to have my work referenced by Toby Hyde on one of my favorite non-leadership blogs. It was a thrill to see my name on a blog I have been reading for years.

Writing this blog has helped me synthesize my thoughts and challenged me to put those thoughts down in words. This has meant hours grappling with what I know about leadership and finding creative ways to integrate those thoughts into compelling narratives. Liz Strauss wrote about blogging this week and she eloquently states many of the same feelings I have had through these first two months or so of blogging. The points Liz makes in this post, particularly about how the simple act of writing down your thoughts helps you understand them better, really resonated with me. This is a great post to read if you are contemplating starting your own blog. Also check out Liz’s blogging goal for a great story and statement of purpose.

LeaderNation’s blog has only officially been up since February 17th, though I have been working on this blog for a few months before that, about three now in total. It has taught me a lot, most of all it has taught me to appreciate the incredible work others are doing on their blogs and how much effort it takes to consistently create compelling content. With that, I would like to further extend my appreciation to everyone who has come by and read a post, left a comment, or a word of encouragement. Thank you (that means you, the person who is reading these words at this very moment). I really appreciate it.

One further entry that Piqued My Interest from last week:

I sat this week for a few minutes and tried to understand why I like Dan Pink so much. I think this is the reason: he gives us good theory and research in an entertaining package. Dan’s thought for the day on March 30th, “Most people are more frightened by failure than mediocrity. It should be the reverse.” This is pure brain candy! Easy to agree with, nothing horribly novel, but kind of makes you feel good inside, like, “I can do that!” There are other cases, however, where he gives us good strong theory grounded in hard social science research, and makes learning feel like brain candy when it is really brain steak. It is like Marry Poppins said, a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. Thank you, Dan Pink, for putting the sugar in corporate America’s medicine.


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