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What’s Piqued My Interest - 02.26.10

I have been having a nice conversation with John over at CoachingTip. In two posts, John first writes about the importance of listening, which got me thinking about the things people don’t say. John thoughtfully responded and mentioned that thinking preferences and personality preference tools might be helpful when listening for what is left unsaid. In his next post John spoke about the way brain physiology affects our interactions, which was quite a surprise given my relationship to Global Insights Consulting. It is always interesting when common ideas pop up in disparate places.

Melissa at Riverfork Consulting wrote a post thanking people who have been brave enough to lead change. I have been dealing with a ton of change in my life and it got me thinking about what I have learned through leading change. For starters it has taught me humility and how to be a better partner to all the important people in my life.

Following Melissa’s post which thanked people for their leadership, I read an excellent piece Skip at Weisman Success Resources wrote about appreciation. Positive feedback doesn’t come naturally to everyone (I am a prime example), though learning to appreciate those around you in an expressive way, and not keeping that appreciation to yourself, can be powerful, not only for managing relationships, but also improving results.


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