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What’s Piqued My Interest - 03.05.10

Tim Ogilvie from Peer Insight writes a great post about affordable loss. In developing our tool here at LeaderNation we have had to live this concept first hand and to have Tim write about it helps put our experience in perspective. As an aside, everyone I have spoken with over at Peer Insight is really bright, dedicated to the work they do, and just a joy to interact with. If you are interested in design thinking and innovation, they are definitely the people to talk with.

Ann Mehl wrote a post with an inspiring story and some concrete takeaways about knowing ourselves and not trying to fit square pegs in round holes. I always love the combination of story and content, specifically when the content resonates with me as it did in her post. As I said in her comment section, I am thankful that I have always had people around me who have helped me find odd shaped holes that I fit comfortably into.

Patrick at Managing Communities wrote a quick post on the evolving way community is being conceptualized. No longer is community confined to our locality. What is amazing to me is the number communities we are a part of. It can be dizzying thinking about the many communities we belong to. For every part of our personal and professional identity that is salient there exists a community that the internet and social media allow us to engage with at will.

Scott at, well, Scott’s Blog, talked about NCLB (No Child Left Behind), the ways we are measuring success, and what we are incenting. I was so inspired to write about this topic that I think it will be a full blog post here at some point. In fact I had to edit my comment to his blog just so it would fit in his comment section. The short version of my thoughts is that we need to ask two questions:

1. What should we measure?
2. How do we reward people?

I agree with Scott wholeheartedly that a fresh look at incentives in organizations is in order.

Finally, Mark Suster wrote a great guest post for Mashable on company blogs. Seeing as how we have just launched LeaderNation’s blog, it seemed very timely for us. He talked about getting feedback on content from his readers and I was astounded that he inspired people to engage with his blog so intimately, so I asked how he did it. His answer was simple. Ask. That’s it. Just ask for feedback. Find out what your readers want to hear about. It may seem silly to ask such a question after a couple of weeks of content and perhaps 10 people reading this blog, but hey, don’t ask for advice if you aren’t willing to follow through. So, are there topics that you all feel you would like to hear about from LeaderNation? If so, leave a comment.


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