It is well established that leaders who articulate a vision—a viable, idealized image of the organization’s future – may experience a wide-range of benefits. Studies have found that effective vision articulation relates to (1) organizational performance, (2) follower motivation, (3) more effective group interaction, and (4) satisfaction with both the group and leader. So how do people go about constructing and articulating vision statements? The following post discusses an often-neglected aspect of the vision-formation process: forecasting. Click to learn more about forecasting, why it’s important, and other digestible nuggets from the Leadership Bento Box. image

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Tell me if this sounds like a meeting you’ve attended:

Sally, the group’s leader, has a problem for the group to solve. She opens the floor for discussion and Bob and Jane immediately start talking. Each talks over the other for a few seconds until Jane relents. Bob then restarts his sentence, fully aware no one could hear what either was saying before. Bob starts to wind down which cues Jane and Barbara to start speaking over his final few words, to let it be known they are next to speak. Jane, having been thwarted by Bob already, will not be stopped again; this time she raises her voice letting Barbara know it’s not her turn. Jane’s point turns out to be completely unrelated to Bob’s. Once Jane finishes, Sally decides to step in to reiterate the problem, hoping people will see they are talking past each other. George takes the opportunity to thank Sally for refocusing the group as it was clear they were “having trouble communicating.” George proceeds to lay out his position, failing to respond to anything either Bob or Jane said. Everyone in the meeting wishes they had called in sick. (Click through to read more.) Read more >
I discuss the intersection of two of the most popular tools available to enhance individual and workplace effectiveness: a personality assessment called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 360 degree feedback. I weave in a personal example to illustrate some key concepts. (click to continue) Read more >
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