Recently I co-facilitated a webinar examining the intersection of 360 Degree Feedback and Psychological Type. Listen to a discussion about the fundamentals of 360 Feedback, LeaderNation's 6 Coaching competencies, and how to leverage the MBTI when discussing feedback reports. (Click for more info) Read more >
Stephanie is a manager at a fast-paced financial services company in New York. She is a hard worker and demands the same from her direct reports. Stephanie is an incisive thinker and comes up with ideas and frequently leans on her peers, direct reports, and even her supervisors to ensure these ideas come to fruition. (Click through to read more.) Read more >
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Stories are incredibly powerful. This is why there are storytelling traditions in every culture. Stories that contain a moral, even (perhaps especially) those we hear as children, stick with us and resurface at appropriate moments (e.g., The Boy Who Cried Wolf). Leaders who know how to use story to communicate values, messages, and strategic visions are better equipped to influence and inspire. What stories do you tell? (Click through to read more.) Read more >
In this post I record some reflections a month and a half after our official LeaderNation blog launch. Click through to find out what I have appreciated about this space and who has made our launch a bit easier. (Spoiler alert: you are mentioned!) Read more >
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