Recently I co-facilitated a webinar examining the intersection of 360 Degree Feedback and Psychological Type. Listen to a discussion about the fundamentals of 360 Feedback, LeaderNation's 6 Coaching competencies, and how to leverage the MBTI when discussing feedback reports. (Click for more info) Read more >
In Part 2 of this blog series we turn our attention to another powerful and popular tool called 360 degree feedback. Four best-practices are identified and the wisdom of targeting behaviors is illustrated by discussing a conflict that happened to me at work.
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Hello, and welcome to LeaderNation’s official blog. We are very excited to be launching this section of our site. It is here that we hope to create an active conversation with other people interested in leadership development and join the already bustling community of bloggers who engage with this topic. As a rule, this blog will aim to be informative on two levels. First, the content of the blog will be thought provoking and innovative. The second level will be about process. Not only do we want to talk about what to do, we hope to set an example of how to do things. In this, our first blog entry, the content will state our aspirations and reasons for starting this blog, while the process will demonstrate what to do when launching a new project, or hoping to reinvigorate an old one: set a mission, vision, and strategy. Read more >