Recently I co-facilitated a webinar examining the intersection of 360 Degree Feedback and Psychological Type. Listen to a discussion about the fundamentals of 360 Feedback, LeaderNation's 6 Coaching competencies, and how to leverage the MBTI when discussing feedback reports. (Click for more info) Read more >
360 degree feedback and assessments of psychological type such as the MBTI are among the most common and influential techniques for driving personal and organization development efforts. However the intersection of these two tools is rarely addressed. Below are points everyone should know. (Click for more). Read more >
I discuss the intersection of two of the most popular tools available to enhance individual and workplace effectiveness: a personality assessment called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 360 degree feedback. I weave in a personal example to illustrate some key concepts. (click to continue) Read more >
From introversion to power, from delegation to self-awareness, find out what has piqued my interest by clicking through. Read more >