George Steinbrenner, the late owner of the New York Yankees, was a deeply-flawed leader who achieved incredible results. Like his team, he is loved and hated. Both for good reasons. In this blog post I discuss his astronomical success in transforming the Yankees from a $10 million team into a billion-dollar global enterprise, as well as his countless charitable acts. But I also share stories that illuminate his dark side, like the time he fired his secretary for not bringing his tuna fish sandwich fast enough, and the time he hired a small-time gambler to dig up dirt on his star player Dave Winfield.


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My last blog post discussed a funeral ceremony conducted by the leaders of NASA to help people let go of the past and embrace the future. The following post explains how a major supermarket chain leveraged its positive past to galvanize a successful new strategic initiative. This case study illustrates how leaders can leverage an organization’s history when leading change. (Click to continue reading) Read more >
Hundreds of scientists, engineers and technicians stood around a table draped in black cloth. Beneath the cloth was a small replica of an old rocket. The ritual, organized by leaders at NASA, symbolized the death of a massive rocket program that lasted almost two decades, but had to be terminated due to the emergence of new technologies. The following blog series discusses the importance of addressing the past when implementing organization change and the danger of resisting. (Click to continue) Read more >
BMW has a “living history” museum. American airlines has a museum tracing back its history 80 years. Goldman Sachs employed anthropologists to unearth key themes of its history. The following blog post explores what these companies already know: the critical role history plays in leading change. (click to continue reading)


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Stephanie is a manager at a fast-paced financial services company in New York. She is a hard worker and demands the same from her direct reports. Stephanie is an incisive thinker and comes up with ideas and frequently leans on her peers, direct reports, and even her supervisors to ensure these ideas come to fruition. (Click through to read more.) Read more >