Leadership Development with LeaderNation

Increasing leaders’ self-awareness is at the heart of every successful leadership development program. LeaderNation helps enhance leaders’ self-awareness by providing them with feedback on competencies vital to success.

LeaderNation’s philosophy is that for leaders to make the most of a feedback system, these three elements are essential:

  • Feedback must be actionable – LeaderNation’s surveys use behaviorally-based questions to ensure leaders receive actionable feedback.
  • Feedback must be linked to success – Every LeaderNation 360 feedback campaign begins with a statement of purpose to ensure leaders receive feedback that is directly linked to success.
  • The system must be accessible – Our user interface is intuitive and straightforward, our support documentation and on-site text reflect industry best-practices, and our support team is dedicated to making the experience of campaign administrators and participants as stress-free as possible.