LeaderNation pricing is based on how many “focal leaders” participate in your 360 exercise. By focal leaders, we mean the person at the center of the 360 exercise (i.e., the person who is asking others to give him or her feedback). Each focal leader receives a report that compiles the feedback they receive. Please note that the price is the same whether the focal leader invites dozens of people to give him or her feedback or three. There is no cap on the number of people a leader can ask for feedback and there are no additional charges for usage.

The price per focal leader is $100 per report. Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for inquires about volume discounts and to schedule a free demonstration.


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with LeaderNation is easy. Our system will guide you through the following six steps to create, launch, and successfully land your 360 campaign.

Step 1: Create Mission/Vision/Strategy statement

The leadership competencies that make up your competency model should be directly linked to your organization’s mission, vision, and strategy. Before launching your 360 feedback campaign, the LeaderNation portal provides space for you to summarize these critical aspects of your organization.

Step 2: Create the competency model

Select or customize competencies from our extensive library to create a competency model that will enable your organization’s leaders to learn, grow, and perform at a high level

Step 3: Create the survey

Select or customize questions from our database to create a survey that allows your organization’s leaders to reflect on their leadership skills and solicit feedback from others.

Step 4: Specify rater groups

Specify which groups of people the leaders in your organization should ask for feedback.

Step 5: Invite participants

Invite the members of your organization who will be a part of this leadership development effort to participate.

Step 6: Monitor usage and results

Track your organization’s use of the system and view individual and organization-wide reports.